Breathe. Move. Sweat. Smile.®


Be bold. Be present. Be you.

We are inspired to offer an intimate yoga experience giving you a great head-to-toe workout to balance your mind and body. At Practice Yoga Studio, we do this a bit differently. We offer a fresh take on vinyasa yoga in a space devoid of external distractions. No mirrors. No bright lights. No judgment. We give you a challenging 60-minute journey on your mat in a dimly lit, candlelit heated studio allowing you the freedom to move to your own breath while flowing to the beat of energizing music.  All we ask is that you leave any expectation you carry for yourself at the door.  Showing up to one of our classes is about getting sweaty on your mat and getting out of your head for a guided one-hour break of body exploration, transformation and movement.  Leave every class feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever ups and downs the day holds. 


Our Style


Mindful Movement +  Darkness +  Heat  +  Music

We love an intense yoga workout that creates a strong mind and strong body while allowing us to connect with our authentic self.  For us, the best way to do this is to get sweaty and flow by candlelight in a dark room while listening to great beats with an experienced and inspirational teacher. Everything to do with our style of yoga has intention and meaning behind it. Each carefully choreographed class is intelligently sequenced, safely braiding together a series of hatha and ashtanga based yoga postures designed to open, stretch and restore your body from the inside-out. Yoga in the dark allows you to truly focus inward rather than on what’s around you. Instead of blowing hot air at you to heat the studio, we use infrared heating technology to heat you up from the inside out to create an exhilarating and detoxifying sweat. The individually curated playlist for each class is ever changing, from pop to hip hop to funk to acoustic. The rhythm of the music drives the pace of the class, inspiring you to push your boundaries to discover your own physical edges. Our class schedule has classes suitable for all levels making our style accessible to everyone to benefit from having a regular yoga practice as part of their daily life.


Our Studio





Our studio is designed to make you feel right at home.  From the fresh fruit bowl and help-yourself snacks to our cozy window seat lounge area, our studio is made to encourage community, camaraderie and relaxation. Before and after class, you will be greeted by friendly and engaging teachers at the front desk who have a genuine interest in assisting all students. The use of props is encouraged and are available inside the studio for your use. A selection of essential oils are on hand to help students energize before class or relax and refresh after class.  We hope you feel the love as much as we do.


Infrared Heat Technology

We are one of the only yoga studios in the area that utilizes infrared heating technology (think of the feeling of warming rays of sunshine) to heat the yoga room to between 85 and 95 degrees. Instead of simply blowing hot air at you, the infrared technology heats you up from the inside out.