Tommy & Tiffany Mack

Founding Partners

One day, many years ago, these two people met, got married, and starting practicing yoga together.  They loved yoga so much, one even decided to make a career out of teaching yoga.  They started to dream about creating a yoga community that fostered the individual potential in everyone allowing yoga to be accessible to all levels of students.  In late 2018, it became time to go after that dream full on. From a lot of late night conversations, sweat sessions, hustle and heart... Practice Yoga came to life. 

Tommy and Tiffany Mack passionately went after pursing their goals. His kind heart, infectious energy and quiet determination, along with her positive spirit and genuinely loving nature, create the perfect balance. To them, Practice Yoga is not a business. It is their hopes and dreams, living and breathing creating something bigger than themselves. This is a place that creates opportunities for others to be fulfilled and nurtured thru the practice of yoga along with a supportive studio community that is friendly and welcoming to all.

And this did not come to life by just the two of them and their adorable children, JT and Elijah. Friends, family, local creatives, fellow yogis, and influencers have all lifted Practice Yoga up into what it is. The Macks firmly believe in people helping people. The magic that shines from Practice Yoga comes from their heart and soul.